Corrosion Protection – Austkote

Corrosion Protection – Austkote

Economical Corrosion Protection

Austkote is a high performance modified epoxy (very flexible) finish, which has been specifically developed for surfaces, as well as other ferrous and non ferrous surfaces used in cross-fin coils for refrigeration and air conditioning.

In today’s environment we are all too aware of the cost of replacing coils that have had their working life drastically reduced due to the effects of corrosion. With Austkote coil life is dramatically prolonged as demonstrated by the manufacturers (NATA approved laboratory) performance text results. Where other manufactures can only offer token protection, Austkote has been thoroughly tested to 9.000 hours with no indication of coating breakdown. With pricing significantly less than our competitors, Its another good reason for using Austkote.

Austkote has been accepted for use on heat exchangers used in cool room ducting and indoor air conditioning and is ideally suited to protect coils used in industrial, commercial and coastal areas.

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