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Our extensive research and development work over the years has enabled us to manufacture in-house a huge range of high-quality coils to satisfy virtually every coil need in the industries we service. They include:

Chilled water coils

Affordable Chiller Water Coils When you need to buy chilled water coils online, talk to the team at Austcoil – we can offer you the

Kirby/Heatcraft Coils

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Heating coils

The Most Durable Heating Coils in Australia If a business relies on complex machinery in order to function, that brings productivity to a standstill. In

Replacement coils

Affordable Replacement Coils in Australia Austcoil has been providing replacement coils for climate control, refrigeration and other systems for more than 15 years. Over this

Apac coils

Buy APAC Coils from one of Australia’s most trusted companies Looking for a trusted supplier that gives quick turnarounds with no sacrifice on quality? At

Water coils

Durable Commercial and Industrial Chilled Water Coils in Australia Supplying the air conditioning and refrigeration industries for many years, our team knows all about creating

Buy Heat Exchange Coils

If you’re installing a new heat exchange system or performing maintenance on an existing one, you’re going to need new coils. For affordable heat exchange

Steam Coils

The Most Reliable Steam Coils in Australia In a variety of industries, heating is important. Whether it is to warm up the workplace during the

Refrigeration coils

New and Replacement Refrigeration Coils in Australia It is imperative that the food sold in supermarkets and cooked in restaurants is kept in good condition

Trane coils

The Most Affordable Trane Coils in Australia When it comes to buying parts for machinery, it is important to choose a brand you can trust

Bent or curved coils

Browse Bent Coils Online for your Australian Business We offer affordable coils bent in U and L shapes that can greatly improve the efficiency of

Carrier coils

Australia’s Go-To Supplier of Carrier Coils Are you after affordable components for air conditioning, refrigeration and other applications? Austcoil supplies a wide range of custom-built

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