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The Most Affordable Trane Coils in Australia

When it comes to buying parts for machinery, it is important to choose a brand you can trust to offer a quality solution. Rather than choosing the first name you see, trust a brand that has existed for years and has built a solid reputation among clients for their strong and reliable products. One such respected brand is Trane, who are world leaders in heating and cooling systems. To keep your Trane system operating at its best, the coils need to be in top condition. Extremes in temperature and frequent use can all take their toll, causing the coils to age and cause considerably efficiency losses. Austcoil can ensure that any parts that you buy from us will last for many years and is worth every cent. We can also make them to suit the dimensions needed, as every machine is different in both design and purpose.

Our excellent products are available online

Austcoil provide excellent replacement parts for Trane systems and have many years’ experience working with their products. When you buy our Trane coils online, you can be assured of quality. We manufacture all of our products in Australia, where we have complete quality control and access to the highest quality Australian materials.

We’re proud to offer superior goods at affordable prices with an incomparable turnaround time – just 10-15 working days on standard orders and an even shorter 48 hours on emergency replacement coils. Why do we provide such a quick service? Besides the fact that no one likes waiting for anything, we realise that there are times when you need parts immediately, otherwise the consequences will be dire.

To get a better understanding of what we can provide you, view examples of our Trane coils online and contact us for a quote today, on (02) 9793 7000 or send an email to